Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

The Duck
I called my son on the way home from work and asked him what he wanted for dinner. He was a bit non-committal, so I took the opportunity to strongly "suggest" that we have tacos for dinner.
Even though I grew up in Idaho I used to work in East L. A. and I know what good straight forward Mexican food looks like. That said, the tacos I was thinking would not fall into that category.
Growing up in rural SW Idaho I remember exactly (one) local Mexican joint. I used to love the hard shell tacos my Mom used to make and dammit that is exactly what I wanted tonight.
Since I was going a little "Low Brow" I decided to go all the way. Fatty ground beef that was seasoned with just salt and pepper, "Mission" brand crisp taco shells, Spanish rice (Rice-a-roni...this actually rocks...especially if you need more salf in your diet) and a cold Macro-brew. Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is cheap beer, but hey, sometimes I just want something cold and fizzy (alcohol helps too) and a beer that doesn't cost $8.00 bucks a six-pack.PBR
Red-neck Taco's?...Nah, just good eatin!

This dish hit almost all of the flavor spots....sweet, sour, salty,bitter. It also hits on the fat and crunch theme that plays a big part in the American diet as well. This is good........even if it isn't good for you.