Sunday, August 17, 2008

Art y Pico Award

I have my friend Foodycat to thank for giving me the Art y Pico Award. Apparently sometime in the past six months I have shown at least a hint of creativity and provided some material to the blogosphere that a least one of my readers felt deserved recognition. Thank Foodycat!

Okay so now I get to nominate 5 people whose blogs I can't go without. First off, I would nominate my friend Heather at Gild The Voodoolily but she already received the award and I don't want her getting a big head and all.

Here are my fav five (in no particular order)

Bruce Bauer over at Eat. Dring. Think. Bruce happens to live in Portland so his perspective hits home even harder as we seem to frequent some of the same places. He also a friend and the owner of one of the coolest wine shops in the U.S.A (says Imbibe Magazine). Bruce's shop Vino His motto is: "Making the world a better place, one bottle at a time-Wine, not brain surgery".

Brittany at The Pie Lady is my next must read. She is a professional pastry chef in Seattle and what she cooks at home is awe inspiring. She has personally been responsible for me dusting off my ice cream maker this Summer.

Gina at Doña Lupe’s Kitchen is a favorite as well. She cooks a huge variety of Mexican influenced food. Her writing is very touching and the story of her grandmother (Doña Lupe) is one of the best pieces I have come across on the internet.

introduced me to Zen over at Chefs Gone Wild. He is a fabulous chef and his writing is very funny and I love his outsider perspective (he is French) on American culture (or lack there of).

My final blog for mention is Alejandra Ramos at Always Order Dessert . Her blog was one of the first really "serious" food blogs I happened across. I remember thinking that "There are other people out there who really take their food seriously".

Congrats to all-


Gina MarySol Ruiz said...

Wow that's really sweet of you Norm. I'm touched.

Thank you so much! Love your blog and think its pretty wonderful.

bb said...

Thanks Norm. terribly kind of you and I also appreciate your kind words. And your kick-ass blog, too!

Heather said...

Heh, you know I'll always be keepin' it real, Norm. :P

Thanks for the nod, and dinner tonight was excellent.

Brittany said...

Norm, you are a sweetie. Thank you. That made my day ; )

Yay for ice cream!

Foodycat said...

Totally well deserved Norm! You made me spatchcock, man!