Sunday, August 24, 2008


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I was on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho on Friday. My seat mates were a young couple who were friendly but completely absorbed in their own little world. When the beverage service came around I ordered a Heiniken (I figure if they are going to jab you for $4.00 bucks, why drink domestic). The guy orders a Jack and Ginger Ale and the woman orders a red wine and a Pepsi. At first I thought she wanted two drinks, but when she was served she proceeded to mix the two drinks together over ice.
I made a comment about never having seen anyone do that and she suddenly became very animated and explained that this is called a Calimocho and it's a drink that is common in Spain and also in the Basque country. She insisted that had I taste this drink; after a quick sip I had to admit that I actually liked it (much to my wine snob chagrin).

The spice notes in the cola when mixed with the red wine exhibit an almost baking spice (cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg) component. The sweetness of the cola also help balance the tannins, but the red wine does show some backbone and this for all intents and purposes just a less sweet version of Sangria (maybe kind of a white trash Sangria).
Anyway, when it comes to beverages it pays to keep an open mind and in this case I am going to serve this at the next Spanish theme meal I do as a starter cocktail.

1 Part Red Wine
1 Part Cola

Give this a shot and send a note telling me if you liked this or if I am full of it.



Foodycat said...

My husband has told me about having this in Portugal. Since I loved tinto de verano in Spain I can't get snooty about this! I'll have to try it.

Norm Schoen said...

Hi Foodycat,
This drink is REALLY good! It is great on a hot summer night.

dp said...

I've been drinking this since college, when I was introduced to it by a friend from Spain. And I've been enduring the ridicule for the last 10 years. LOL So glad to know that a self-proclaimed wine snob enjoyed it too!

Norm Schoen said...

dp-I thought I was just being polite when I agreed to take a sip of this. This is a really great light cocktail.
I feel like this is something I should have heard about sooner!

Foodycat said...

OK - I am off the booze during the week but next weekend I will give it a go.

dustin said...

Tried this one today and I used some real coke from costco I had. Mexican Coca cola from real cane sugar. It was extremely tasty, thanks for the tip!

Norm Schoen said...

Foodycat-I swear, give this a shot over the weekend.

Dustin-This is a drink that tastes much more complicated than it is (punches above its weight). Try a flavored cola (lemon or lime). Cheers!

dustin said...

I mentioned this on my Facebook and a friend of mine from England mentioned a similar drink named Tinto de Verano.