Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Official" Beer of Portland


I admit it, I am a total beverage snob and I was on the bandwagon early in regard to the whole micro-brew movement. I know a Belgian ale from a Barleywine, the difference between and ale and a lager and what an IBU is (in fairness, I used to homebrew). When I moved to Portland, Oregon (Munich on the Willamette), I knew I had found my home. There is an almost unlimited amount of craft beer being brewed out here. It seem like every small pub has its own beer/ale/lager. The days of having two beers on tap at your local watering hole are over.
So, what is this can of Pabst doing on my counter? Well, I have come full circle in my beer selection. I still love a microbrew and I am a total hophead (can you say Imperial IPA please?), but I hate paying $8.00 for a six-pack. So to solve my dilemma and to provide some serviceable "lawn mower" beer (I don't really have a lawn-urban condo dweller) I have turned to an old school standby. This is the kind of beer we (40-65 year old demographic) used to slug down playing quarters at a frat party or shot-gunning at a tailgater before heading back for the second half of a football game. Pabst Blue Ribbon sells for about $14/case and when all you want is something cold, fizzy and a beer that is not 7% alcohol this fits the this actually gives my refrigerator some street cred as it is the Macro beer of choice among young Portlanders.