Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bad Menus

Damn, they must have used the "Red-neck" English/French translation dictionary

How much for the large?
Maybe Dan Quayle works here
MMM, Fried Porn & Rice (my favorite)
I was surfing the internet today and came across a great flickr site called Bad Menus. What is not to like about that?


Foodycat said...

You aren't tempted by spic fried porn?

Sweet Charity said...

I wonder what word porn was supposed to be...
This was hilarious! Thanks!

Webinsider said...

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Norm Schoen said...

Foodycat-Love fried porn ; )

Sweet Charity- I am guessing they meant "fried pork"

Deek-Thx for the tip

bb said...

Unless you're down south, I think any menu with " 'n " in it is reason enough to get the hell away!

Brittany said...

I'd love a large homo plate, n' can I get my porn spic-baked, not fried? I'm watching my weight.