Monday, December 15, 2008

Ned Ludd

The other night I had a chance to visit a brand spanking new restaurant called "Ned Ludd".
My friend Tom Harvey knew the new owner and a group of us decided to give it a try on Saturday.
The space used to be a Wood oven pizza/BBQ restaurant (pizza was great, but the BBQ was pathetic). The new owners did a quickie remodel to spiff things up, but they are using the wood oven to its full advantage. Everything on the menu is cooked in the wood burning oven. This is more than just "old school" this is a philosophy of cooking seasonally with minimal prep to showcase the ingredients. If you are into highly sauced fussy cooking this is not the restaurant for you.

The five of us had just about everything on the menu. The Trout w/Lardo was very nice and Braised Beef went well with a bottle of 2005 Pax-Lauterbach Hill Syrah that I had yanked out of the cellar. We sampled the Charcuterie plate and the Creamed Kale we ordered was so tasty we ordered a second one. This restaurant reminds me of a leaner and meaner Wildwood. Head over some cold winter night, the restaurant is warm, the service nice and the food will send you home fat and happy.

Located at:
925 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Portland OR.
Phone: (503) 288-6900
Hours: Thursday - Monday, 5pm till close